Monday, 16 September 2013

It is all in the Relationship

Why relationship consciousness and relationship intelligence?

There are sound business reasons why relationship consciousness makes good business sense. Poor relationship between directors can damage the financial bottom line of a business because poor relationships affect performance and strategic outcomes.  Psychological research has drawn attention to the following:

  • Most of us spend over 95% of our lives interacting with others.
  • Over 80% of job terminations are due to poor relationship skills not poor technical skills.
  • Creating effective relationships with those you need to get you where you want to be makes good personal, interpersonal and corporate sense

Relationship consciousness and relationship intelligence is important because:

Relationship Consciousness and relationship intelligence is important because a good understanding of the impact of good relationships helps you to:

  • Manage conflict with skill
  • Build effective relationships and be effective with people at all levels
  • Develop inter and intra personal intelligence with Relationship
  • Focus on effective team relationships and measurable outcomes
  • Be effective with diverse groups of people and cultures
  • Increase your understanding and acceptance of others
  • Be effective in your personal relationships and preserve that which you value within the relationship
  • Today’s global interactions require people in organisations to form relationships, share goals and work collaboratively and corporately to achieve those goals.
  • The concept of a team as astatic entity is no longer realistic, teams are a network of interdependent relationships

Building relationship consciousness requires understanding and identifying the key relationships in your business and using practical strategies for leveraging them to improve the business.  Relationship capital with awide range of people is necessary, and specific skills are involved to improvesocial effectiveness.
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